"We don't think Black Friday itself is wrong, it just doesn't belong to us."

1. STRENGHT: Our strength is our customers, who choose us every day to dress such an essential part of their body like the wrist, which is one of the leading business cards to indicate who we are and what we want to represent.

2. MISSION: Our mission is, has always been, and always will be, to offer you a unique and unrepeatable product, which maintains - within possible limits - its value over time (or even reevaluates itself?).

3. BEHIND THE SCENES: By constantly trying to create something never done before - by no other brand - behind each of our achievements, there are months of research, hard work, a close-knit group of people, infinite mistakes, and consequent experience gained in solving them. An experience that is reflected in the "perfectly imperfect" product you have purchased / will buy / recommend to a friend.

4. PRICE POLICY: The MSRP at which our products are offered is obviously weighted according to the silent rules of the market, but never "overpriced at launch" and then discounted. We consider this practice unprofessional and disrespectful to both you and those who choose us to resell our products. How bad it is when you buy a product proposed as a novelty today at 100, and after a few days, you see it on another site or shop with a -50% discount? Don't you feel fooled? Our mission is not to make you feel smarter than others, but to make you feel important, every day.

5. WHAT YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU’VE PAID: By choosing us, as well as making us happy to see that our project can be self-sustaining, you make us proud because everything we think, design, and produce is done to give vent to our creativity, but above all to ensure that you, OOO Customer, talking about your Out of Order has a story to tell.

6. FOCUS: We are a totally independent company which, not having to respect particular budgets or numbers imposed by various multinationals, has as its primary focus to bring the Out of Order brand to the world and to give it and make it maintain the value it deserves.

7. ACHIEVEMENTES: By having started from a garage, we know how much effort it takes to make your way and how many obstacles there are along the way, but by deciding to keep this line - which goes totally against the current, we are not calling ourselves Out of Order at random - we are sure you will appreciate even more what you already own, or which we hope someday you will own.

For these reasons we have decided to apply a discount only to a single collection, our Pocket Watch Calabrone, a different piece and for which this occasion is definitely unmissable. We also offer an international warranty extension to 10 years on all other products (instead of 2 years) by entering "10YIW" in the notes section, by making any purchase. Offer valid till Sunday Nov. 28th, 2021

Calabrone 70% OFF

CASE: 316L SS with exclusive aging process Ø47 mm.
CROWN: snap crown.
CASEBACK: stainless steel screw caseback with coloured glass.
GLASS: domed tropical mineral glass.
HANDS: Gun vertical brushed, shiny red.
DIAL: matte black dial with printed minutes and logo, eye for seconds at hrs 6.
CHAIN : galvanized steel (40 cm length) with vintage leather + handmade genuine leather string with stitchings (40 cm length). MOVEMENT: Manual winding | Seagull 6497-1.

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