Calabrone Pocket Watch


Calabrone Pocket Watch
“Going back to the old good days”?...well yes … with OOO-OUT OF ORDER that is launching its brand new model, CALABRONE, the first pocket watch by the venetian brand, which is re-interpreting a male classic model in an absolutely new way .

A “vintage flavoured model”, a mood characterising the whole collection by OOO-OUT OF ORDER, which is famous for the concept “Damaged in Italy” – which implies that both the case and the strap are aged according to the exclusive patent of the company that conceives each of its creations as unique and different from each other. All this makes the brand deserves the noble certification of Made in Italy production.

In CALABRONE every single detail is maniacally cared and the materials' selection is synonymous of high quality, core value of the Brand; stainless steel 47mm galvanised case, stainless steel snap crown, tropical mineral glass, mineral glass case back, Seagull 6497-1 manual winding movement and like each true pocket watch it's equipped with a galvanised chain and the possibility to change it with a vintage handcrafted leather lace, obviously with handmade stitchings and galvanized SS details.

Also the packaging is really detailed; cuvée box style made by pine wood with Plexiglas cover and inside a “used” effect leather case where you can keep your Calabrone while traveling.

"We hardly desired to realize this model, it took us two years of designing, sleepless nights and projects changed hundreds of times- tell Riccardo Torrisi, Dario Celotto e Claudio Dalla Mora founders and owners of the Brand – a continuous research for details and aesthetic perfection (and imperfection, of course) which we are glad and proud to have reached out together with our team".

Calabrone (Bumblebee).. Why? Bumblebee is heavy, kind of unappropriated to fly, but it flies anyway and it doesn't give a f***.